Thursday, 23 August 2012



Its feeling a lot like spring here today and my friends have been singing all day. I think they might be checking out the honeysuckle and jasmine bushes for places to nest. I hope so, and I hope this wind is blowing in some rain to water all my little growing seeds.


  1. Such gorgeous weather today, except the wind! I hope it rains later for your growing seeds :)

    It was lovely meeting up with you yesterday! M loves the brick fabric and keeps chasing me around the house with it saying "make a something... make a lion" Not sure that would look right :)

  2. The sun is out here today too. Emerson is wearing a dress! No leggings, no cardigan. I think it is a first.

    Lovely photos. I hope they do choose to make their home near yours. :)

  3. Wasn't it a lovely day? I felt like sewing for the first time in ages!

    How lovely to have fairy wrens in your yard.

  4. Oh my, these pictures are amazing! AMAZING!


  5. these photos are so beautiful. they truly capture the beginning of spring x


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